Tuesday, August 21, 2007

fair winds and too many following seas

Hi again. I’ve got to be the most delinquent sailor blogger of all time. My webmaster set my blog up for me, and he keeps “reminding” me that “they”—which must mean you, are waiting to hear from me.

Well, I’ve been busy. Doing what?? Sailing of course. I have had a fully booked summer of Women Under Sail classes. I have only 2 classes and one extended charter remaining. I can’t believe it’s already…………I can’t say it, that time of year.
Anyway, the sailing school for women has had another very successful and very enjoyable season. I am hearing such wonderful feedback from our students, that I am really pumped up. I am already scheduling my classes for the 2008 season.

My husband and I also managed to squeeze in a 10 day coastal Maine cruise of our own. We haven’t done that in years, and it was really great. One dog came with us, and she loved it. The older guy had to stay home.

Now here’s a switch. This week we have been in Florida. We had some business to take care on in St. Augustine, and then drove down to the Keys to do some work on a boat that some relatives inherited recently.

NOTICE!! Boat for Sale. This is going to be a super boat for someone with some time to dedicate to her. All of the big ticket items are all new in 2006/07.
1977 32’ Westsail cutter. My nephew was preparing it to go offshore, but he passed away suddenly. The boat has all new wiring, battery charger, panel, batteries, newer Perkins 4-108 engine, new roller furling, bottom job, all new brass thru hulls. New tiller arm, new bow pulpit, new air conditioner, new Garmin Chartplotter.

So why am I not buying it???? I was tempted, but I just don’t have the time. It needs several hours of TLC. It needs some carpentry work in the cabin and painting and brightwork on the topsides.

Monday, June 4, 2007

National Women's Sailing Association Conference

I have just returned from the annual Nationa Women's Sailing Association conference in Marblehead, MA. It is a one day, very busy conference with both on the water and classroom seminars. It was a blast. I attented a seminar by Nancy Early who is from Washington state, and does long distance women only cruises, and has circumnavigated. She has lots of great stories, advice, and I am wicked jealous. I did a presentation on Planning a Coastal Cruise. I had a good time, and didn't have any problem talking for an entire hour and a half!! I surprised myself. Some friends of mine took splicing classes, up the mast, and crew overboard. It was at the Corinthian Yacht Club, which is beautiful. We all stayed in a suite at the club, and had a very nice girly weekend. We are all going back next year. I have been asked to give the presentation on diesel engine maintenance, and am looking forward to that. My 1st Women Under Sail class is this coming weekend. Yippeeeee

Friday, May 18, 2007

time flys and life goes on--celebrate it all

How can it be May 17th ---already. WOW, but life does go on doesn't it? Lot's has happened.
I got to spend some time in Michigan with my family, and have a wonderful visit with my dying father (He was 99, and alert--so he earned the very gentle death he had).

Then back here to Maine to launch an all out frantic search for our lost dog--long story, but good ending. We don't realize how attached and foolish we are about our pets, until we have "situations". Anyway, she is home, and happy, but with very sore paws.
She was being cared for at an "inland" home by a relative. We think she took off to try to get home. She was found days later about 30 miles away--on the coast. My theory is that she went to the smell of the salt water and mud flats, which would mean home to her. Only about 40 miles away from us.

So that leads to the boat launch. The May 7 launch of AVATRICE went off without a glitch. We store her on our property, so this huge boat hauling truck has to come and pick her up, and deliver to the boat yard. She got plopped right in the water, all systems go, and now we are sitting on our mooring, naked as a ?? --unrigged boat--waiting for her masts to be stepped.
This is always a frantic time of year for the boat yards, and a nervous time of year for the boat owner, who just wants to finish putting the boat together, and GO SAILING!!!
So, I am trying to practice patience, and complete the list on 99 other things to complete aboard.

I am also getting ready for my presentation on Coastal Cruising at the National Womens Sailing Association annual meeting in Marblehead, Ma. on June 2. Check it out. It is an all day seminar, with hands on----on the water , and classroom presentations. It's a great day.
So I'd better get busy.....................

Monday, April 9, 2007


Hi again, my webmaster has told me that I need to keep adding to my blog to keep my standings up with the search engines...................he uses big "techy phrases", and it doesn't take long for my mind to head into a fog bank. Luckily I can handle fog banks on the water much better than I can use my computer.

So here I am again, and what do I write about. Today is a gloomy day, and I'd rather be reading my Clive Cussler adventure on the high seas.
Today is also my 56th birthday, which is causing some introspection. The numerical value of each birthday is harder and harder for me to believe. When I was younger, 56 was REALLY old. Now I am truly 56, and I refuse to become old. I don't feel old, I don't act old, I try to keep fit. My grey hair does give me away--somewhat, but I have an excuse for that. I am a swimmer and I can't color it. Do you buy that???? Maybe another reason I don't feel old, is that my parents are 96 and 99, and still at home. Now that is old!!

Anyway, I am a sailor, and I am going to continue being a sailor until I cannot. So there!!!
So, now I am going to do some planning for the upcoming summer with Women Under Sail, and celebrate how fortunate I am to be operating such a great business.


Saturday, April 7, 2007

women under sail summer 2007

I want to talk about my 2007 schedule. In addition to my regular 3 day live aboard sailing classes, my 1st mate and I are trying to mix it up a bit. You will notice on my 2007 schedule page that we are adding a sail and paint weekend, and also a yoga weekend. On those weekends, I will not be formally teaching sailing, but will be taking the participants sailing to beautiful locations along the Maine coast to paint. Of course some sail instruction will enter in to whether you would like to also participate in the operation of AVATRICE, or just sit back and enjoy, and sketch, or dream of the next scene you will create.

I will be working in watercolor, and Jane, our cook, 1st mate, entertainer, will be working in acrylics. Oil is her 1st love, but she left all of her oil supplies in Colorado----can you believe it!!!! She is a reformed ski bum--now sailor. Really, her fiance is an avid Maine sailor, so this all working to the advantge of all of us.

The yoga weekend will be conducted by a yoga instructor/studio owner/former sailing student.
Jane and I will also take all of us sailing, and enjoy the yoga on board.
For all of the details check it out on my website. www.womenundersail.com
In my next message I will discuss more about the painting weekend.


Sunday, March 25, 2007

Women Under Sail 2007

Hi sailors ,
Women Under Sail is excited to announce another summer season of 3 day live aboard sailing classes.
In just a few short months www.womenundersail.com will be getting underway with our 11th year of sailing instructions for women. We stay on board for 2 nights and 3 days, and surrounds our selves with sailing and fun. The scenery in Maine is so beautiful, and always changing. I never get tired of being on the water with groups of very diverse, very interesting, and very fun women.
This year's 5 day Advanced Passagemaking class/cruise will be filling up quickly, and will wrap up with an overnight passage back to port. I love doing this class, because it is a wonderful adventure for me too.

I always say: "If you can sail in Maine, you can sail anywhere."