still trying to leave the dock

as it happens, Hansen Marine had a heat exchanger sitting on the shelf–been there a while, I guess. ┬áSounds like it is the right one, and it will arrive tomorrow to the tune of $1500.00.

About Sharon Renk-Greenlaw

Captain Sharon Renk-Greenlaw is the owner of Women Under Sail, a live aboard sailing school for women, in Casco Bay Maine. In our 21st year, Captain Sharon has instructed more than 900 women sailors. I feel very strongly that individuals who make the decision to boat on the oceans, must have at the minimum; a basic understanding of the geography of their sailling grounds, operation and navigation of their vessel, and safety of crew and vessel. Since 1994, Sharon and Her husband Larry have made 4 passages for winter trips from Maine to the Caribbean. We love to sail!!
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