another glitch

so today as I continued waiting for “the canvas man” to appear, I discovered that the leaking antifreeze was more than it appeared.  My mechanic finally showed up after an early morning call of desperation, and he showed me how to remove the heat exchanger, so, off it came.  What a mess…………antifreeze everywhere.  as it happens, Hansen Marine had a heat exchanger sitting on the shelf–been there a while, I guess.  Sounds like it is the right one, and it will arrive tomorrow to the tune of $1500.00.

About Sharon Renk-Greenlaw

Captain Sharon Renk-Greenlaw is the owner of Women Under Sail, a live aboard sailing school for women, in Casco Bay Maine. In our 21st year, Captain Sharon has instructed more than 900 women sailors. I feel very strongly that individuals who make the decision to boat on the oceans, must have at the minimum; a basic understanding of the geography of their sailling grounds, operation and navigation of their vessel, and safety of crew and vessel. Since 1994, Sharon and Her husband Larry have made 4 passages for winter trips from Maine to the Caribbean. We love to sail!!
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