a late post getting ready to go

If you have been reading any of these blogs, you already know that Larry and I and AVATRICE are getting ready to leave for the Caribbean.  Last week we decided to clean the bottom before leaving.  A local sailor suggested we just pull the boat in along side the town wharf/bulkhead at high tide, tie the boat to the bulkhead with lots of bumpers, and wait for the tide to go out.  AVATRICE would be safely hard aground, and we could go down the ladder, and play in the mud, and clean the bottom of the boat.  So this is what we did—-kind of–.  I was about an hour late, and the tide had already dropped enough so that we grounded out a bit further away from the wall than I wanted to.  But–there we were.  we tied her up bow, stern, midships, port, starboard on winches, on cleats, to both masts, all cleats, and waited.  As I said she wasn’t quite as close as we wanted, and as the tide dropped, she tilted away from the wall, rather than toward the wall.  Oh, man, talk about nerve wracking.  Then the manager of the boat yard comes along, and comments ” the dangerous angle we are at, and I wouldn’t do that if I were you “( I didn’t pay $450.00 for a short haul and bottom wash).  At that point, I was have more than $450.00 dollars worth an anxiety, and was wishing I had “paid the man”.  But there we were.  So we successfully cleaned the bottom.  It was a nasty, really nasty job, but we did it.  We attracted alot of attention from the locals and the tourists.  It was kind of fun talking to people as we sat up on the boat waiting for the tide to come back in.  Many of them had no idea what we were doing.  Many of them saw us sitting on the bottom, and thought we had made a big mistake.  As I said, I did too, for a while.  But we did it, and we saved a bunch of $$$, and it was pretty cool.  Until the dog went overboard—but that is another very important story.

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