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“Sharon, My wife and I have been sailing our 25′ Cape Dory for about 5 years now. She was always nervous and timid about going, but would fight off the extreme anxiety I am sure she was feeling with anything new we might attempt and she would pitch in and give it a great effort for everyone involved. She has always proven a fine first mate. However, I know now that this effort came with a lot of internal stress for her. As you know, last year she took your three day program and the results, to say the least, were wonderful. She had a great time while out with you and most importantly, she gained the confidence to handle anything on the boat. Due to your course she is now more excited to go sailing some days than I am. If a line needs to be thrown or the anchor dropped (literally anything), she says, “let me show you how to do that.” Your course was a great investment for both of us. Thank you! This past weekend we went out in Casco Bay and for the first time she took the tiller while I sat on the foredeck dangling my feet into the cold Casco Bay waters breaking off the bow. I’ve never been able to do this. Your program changed our weekends. Thanks for everything from both of us.”

Martin and Karen.

“I have been sailing, actually. You will be glad to hear that my husband and our neighbor-sailor friends have been falling over impressed that I am not afraid and that I understand the mechanics and wind of it allJIf I remember correctly, my husband even said he was intimidated by my understanding of it all 😉 Our neighbors belong to the Portland Yacht Club, so I joined them and my husband for the Thursday night races, and also for one of the two days of the Pilot Regatta this past weekend. Our friends gave me a most improved award, which just meant I got the ugly XL-sized bright green pilot regatta t-shirt that came free with registration 😉 I plan to go out every Thursday to race with them, so that I can learn a lot. Your class was great. I was amazed at how much sunk in just by practicing hands-on for a few days in your course. Also, the boat heeled quite a bit yesterday and there was no panic attack – so I say SUCCESS! You’ll have to tell Jane.”


“I can’t thank you enough for a wonderful weekend of sailing lessons — it was worth every penny!!! You are a great teacher – very to the point, clear, and encouraging. You gave equal attention to each of the students and made sure that we all experienced each aspect of sailing — your rotation technique worked beautifully. The hands-on approach is so important for me — demos are great, but only when followed up by actual experience. You provided that and more.

I had a wonderful time and feel that I’ve made a huge step in understanding – and enjoying – sailing. And, you should have seen how happy my husband is that I came home so psyched!!”


“Thank you very much for a really enjoyable weekend. I told my husband that the only time I enjoyed myself more was on our wedding day, but I think I liked our “Sailing Adventure” even better than that. Well, I enjoyed it in a different way, I suppose. Your competence, gentle demeanor and sense of humor set the tone for the weekend which was very conducive to learning. Karen also contributed a great deal to the enjoyable atmosphere of the weekend. My expectations of what I would get out of the class were far exceeded. And Avatrice is a beautiful boat! Having sailed only a little bit before, I’ve come out of the class really looking forward to (I hope) having sailing become a major part of the life my husband and I share. Thank you very much.”


A week after completing your sailing course in late June, my husband and I took off for a two-week cruise with the Portland Yacht Club. Somewhere along the way I lost you evaluation form, so I thought I would now, almost two months later, respond to your request for feedback.

I enjoyed your “learning weekend” very much. The schedule of classes alternating with practice and relaxation time made for a nice and not-to-stressful experience.

I thought that as a teacher you were clear and easy to understand, and I think we all felt comfortable asking you to repeat an explanation for the sixth time. I have crewed quite a bit in the past few years, but this was my first sailing instruction, and I feel that many gaps in my knowledge have been filled in. I felt more at ease on our recent [Portland Yacht Club] cruise and took over the entire job or plotting our course each day. I would like to learn more about GPS, radar and radio, but having the basics down was an important first step.

Your pleasant meals and the presence of Karen on the boat were nice additions to the weekend. Overall, I would definitely recommend your course to other potential sailors.”


I’m writing to express my satisfaction and admiration for your “Women Under Sail” programs. I am so pleased with the knowledge and confidence you gave me in three short days. Even though I’ve spent years on the water, many of the aspects were foreign to me. Your style, structure and content of teaching were excellent.

My partner, who is also a captain, is amazed at all that you taught us and thrilled with my new understanding of boating., Especially since he thought “it was going to be a bunch of hens, sailing around, having a grand old time”. It felt too cool when the course I plotted to Greenport LI agreed with his GPS!!!

Truth be told, I will always have fond memories of my days on Avatrice.”


Thank you for such a great experience aboard Avatrice! You are a fantastic teacher; very patient with us ‘rookies’. Your nurturing spirit really helped to put us at ease.

For me personally, it was wonderful to be back on the water again, after so many years. I hope to find a way to continue to learn more and get further experience back home.”


“Thanks for your incredible support, attention and encouragement. My sailing adventure left me feeling empowered and capable. Hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy your guidance again.”


jane is in my favorite spot on AVATRICE !!

jane is in my favorite spot on AVATRICE !!


“I wanted to thank you for making an event in our lives possible.

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I sailed to Castine with my cousin and his wife on the first leg of a 4 day cruise showing them the good spots in and around Penobscot Bay.

On the walk to the restaurant that night my husband had experienced a funny sensation around his jaw and neck and told me that he had had a similar incident that morning as he walked to get our dinghy. When he had a third occurrence of the sensation upon our walk back from dinner we sought help and to make a long story short Mike now has a medicated stent in his Circumflex Artery.

But why I am writing to thank you is that because of your class I had the confidence to take our boat back to a mooring in Bass Harbor with the help of my cousins. I was very nervous anticipating doing it and thought of having someone else take care of it but once I had all the courses charted I actually got excited at the prospect of being in charge. Of course if the weather had bad I’m sure I would have opted out. As it was it was a beautiful day and the trip was quite uneventful. My cousins wife who is not really a sailor but who is a good sport made lunch for us and my cousin JOhn who has excellent eye sight helped me with navigation. Luckily we could have done it with sight but what a great way for me to get to know our instruments, handling the boat, and running courses by doing it in the drivers seat not as a passenger.

All in all I did a fine job and I really credit you for making it possible. I had the skills fresh in my mind and your class had instilled the confidence I needed to do the job. I am very thankful that I didn’t have to do it by myself — that would have been very scary — but being “captain” was a real hoot.”